Your Questions About The Christian Faith, Answered.

In this episode I sit down with the amazing Josh Craig. Truly one of the kindest, most fun men I've had the chance to interact with. Josh was gracious enough to speak with me for an hour about Youth Ministry, Family Life Ministry, and the pitfalls that a lot of people unknowingly step into. Josh and I actually ended up talking another hour and a half after I stopped recording, and during that time set up to talk again. So there will be a part 2 to this episode in a few weeks, and probably more than that.

If you don't already, follow Josh on Twitter: @hoshuah

And make sure you follow his wife Madelyn!

Madelyn's Twitter: MaddyRose_Craig
Madelyn's Instagram: MaddyRoseCraig_Author
Madelyn's Facebook: Maddy Rose Craig Author
Madelyn's Website:
Madelyn's book: Names, Nations, & The New Testament

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