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Baptists Vs. Lutherans

 82 Minutes  Remy Sheppard  July 29, 2023  0
Stuart Keenan discussing Baptist theology in relation to Lutheran practice.

In this episode, my Dear Brother in Christ Stuart Keenan comes on to discuss what it was like to grow up Baptist, and the ways in which they get things right that Lutherans sometimes get wrong.

We should never grow complacent in our faith, and there are many things we can learn from other expressions of Christianity that can benefit us. I hope this episode is as fun and informative for you to listen to as it was for me to record it!

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About the Author

Remy Sheppard

Remy Sheppard


Remy is a Lutheran Christian who builds websites. He is a graduate of Liberty University and currently attends American Lutheran Theological Seminary, where he is pursuing a Master of Divinity.

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