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Your questions about Christianity Answered

About Lutheran Answers

Lutheran Answers is a pet project by Remy Sheppard to help teach and show you the Christian faith and answer some of your questions. Included in the website will be the entire Lutheran Confessions of Faith as well as a section of Questions & Answers about Christianity.

Join the Community!

I’m also putting together a Community where we can hang out and discuss questions openly and honestly, and possibly form a nodmatic, megafauna-based system of government that extols the virtues of yurts and the family unit 🦬. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Statement on Accuracy

I would like it to be clear up front that I am not an ordained minister and do not claim to know everything. I will always strive for accuracy in my articles, videos, and podcasts, but I may not always meet the mark. While I do study theology in school, I must warn you that I am not a very smart person and will probably get things wrong sometimes. I seek to limit disinformation and will never knowingly publish something incorrect, unbiblical, or false. However, you should still pray about these topics and research them on your own. While I can’t claim perfection, I will always strive to put forward the confessional, historic, and orthodox Lutheran position on any given subject. If you find something on the website that you take issue with you can always submit a correction, or you can leave a comment on the given article via Disqus.